With "Steady OS", Internet malicious programs have no chance

Every week we receive reports that malicious code from the internet endangers data security. "Meltdown" and "Specter" keep the users busy. Reputable estimates predict that up to 75% of vulnerable systems will even be left unprotected and without security updates. The hope of "nothing will happen" is too little for an industry that is about to digitize production and infrastructure worldwide.

The Achilles heel of modern IT applications is the operating system (OS operating system), which not only serves the developer, but also offers hackers and Internet malicious programs a "toolbox" of powerful functions. Wireless Netcontrol's "Steady OS" concept counters this threat with a C-programmed, immutable and non-manipulable operating software that does not stand a chance against Internet malware.

The modular telecontrol and remote maintenance system   GO series blueline   for monitoring and control of wireless Netcontrol decentralized systems ensures   100% data security, since unauthorized access to the operating software of the   GO control panel [nbsp ] is excluded. From the outside, access to internal processes and storage data is not possible. The   GO center   connects exclusively to the default server and does not require any software updates. The measured values ​​and status changes of the user's system are recorded via modules with different digital or analog inputs and outputs and forwarded to the central unit. This is in contact with the database of the user, but can also send messages via SMS to the responsible persons.

The already versatile range of the   GO modules   to be connected is constantly being expanded. There are already numerous possibilities for the acquisition of data as varied as counter readings, analog values, switching states. For remote switching tasks (signal level, but also 230 V AC),   GO modules   are also available, so that the entire system is equipped for all tasks of remote maintenance.

With this exceptionally wide range of possibilities for data transmission due to the modular design of the system, exactly what is needed for the task is always procured.

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