New entry in the family of GO modules

Telematics and remote maintenance via the devices of the ConiuGo GO modules has long been a notable term in automation and telecontrol technology. With regard to the GO central module, there are three options: bidirectional communication via   SMS   for exchanging data and switching commands, use as   datalogger   with storage of the data in the device and periodic transmission of the data Data as an attachment   to an e-mail, as well as the use of a database in the cloud with the   EasySCADA system, which makes it very easy for the layman to build a SCADA application.

GO series with new modules or gateways  
Even more versatile are the possibilities of the GO modules, with which each GO center can be extended. In addition to the classic functions to detect changes in the state of switching sensors (eg level switches) and measured values as voltage or current, there are GO modules for all conceivable special tasks: The group of   BUS modules connected to M-BUS, wireless M BUS and S0 interface (GO Impulse Gateway) for collecting meter data   is now extended by a   GO-Profibus-Gateway  . [Nbsp]

Increase also in the temperature measurement, where in addition to the proven semiconductor sensors now a   GO module for Pt1000 sensors   exists and more recently, a   GO module for thermocouples (supported types B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T) is offered. But also switching outputs for activating pumps, fans and the like have not been forgotten, because here there is now a relay module, which can directly switch 230 V AC. 

With this exceptionally wide range of data transfer options on the one hand, and the acquisition of such different data as counter readings, analog values, switching states on the other as well as the execution of switching commands for units and actuators on site, the family of GO panels and GO modules offers unique opportunities for the practitioner , Due to the modular structure of the system, exactly what is needed for the task is always procured.

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