Smart MeterGateway

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Smart Meter Gateway - Smarter than wireless-netcontrol, energy management really does not work!
The The call of a major German energy service provider was unmistakable: "We would like to send our electricity customers a small box, which places them on the optical interface of their energy meter and the consumption data is already transmitted in our cloud. So we can settle on a daily basis and our customer can view his energy data in an app. Is that possible?"

A few weeks later, the solution is developed. As a specialist for simple and innovative solutions around the topic of "Smart Metering", wireless-netcontrol has developed it as simply and uncomplicatedly as it was desired.
At this point, there is not much more to say about wireless-netcontrol's Smart MeterGateway. Because it's as easy as described at the beginning:

  • The Smart MeterGateway is really smart, because it is only 55 x 40 x 45 mm small.
  • "Klack", the magnet holds, in no time it sits on the optical interface of the counter!
  • Once the antenna and AC adapter are connected, the device connects to the default parameters via the LTE network with the database and sends the data in the selected time schedule.
  • The rest is done by the visualization of the electricity provider (for example, to create invoices) or the customer's app (insight into their own data).

The whole thing is not expensive by the way! A call to wireless-netcontrol and you too will be enthusiastic about the modern technology of energy data management with the Smart MeterGateway!

There's nothing more to say about that…. At the most, if you are interested, you should contact wireless-netcontrol to test our technology.

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