Quality explanation for DIN EN ISO 9001

Since founding the company the working processes in all areas are being analysed and changed over in a quality management system. To realize this change our employees can use different tools like quidelines, checklists or certain schedules. The employees of wireless netcontrol have experience of long duration in quality management.

During the development of the quality management system more and more processes are included.  Even not customer orientated processes change over and so the target is the total quality management (TQM).

The guiding ideas of the company are fixed in the quality policy:

  • The benefit of our customers is in front during all of our activities.
  • Our products take place in the leading position in comparison to our competitors in reference to capability and reliability.
  • For reaching our highest target – the customer satisfaction -  the management allocates all materials and personal capacities which are recently.
  • Every single employee adds his own work in the quality and the capability of our products.

Correlating to the new norm version (DIN EN ISO 9001:2000) all process according quality operating figures are being claimed which help to visualize countable the success of the quality management system and the steady development of all processes.

The operating figures are steady claimed and used in all processes as stearing instrument.For compliancy of the quality commitment the wireless netcontrol holds a quality management system which is compliant to DIN EN ISO 9001. The company develops this system continuously after the demand of quality security in the company and after the developing of the norm itself. The audition of the qm-system is in house and external realized to control its function even through internal instruments and external experts.

The commitment to quality of the management assueres that the quality management is functioning for customers satisfaction, for the success of all business partners and for the welfare of all employees.