Radio-Ripple-Control Terminals

Radio-Ripple-Control Terminals represent the inexpensive alternative to conventional (power line based) radio ripple control systems. The terminals are time switches with the additional ability to be controlled via a long-wavelength receiver over distances up to 500km.

A short overview over the two devices


  •  2, 4 or 6 output relais, brazed - capacity: 16 A; 230 V; cos phi =1
  • mounted on meter cover, top hat rail or meter cross
  • Relais status- and receiving quality check over LED
  • Integrated presavingelement (optional)


  • 6 output relais, brazed - capacity: Ps,max = 60W, Is,max = 2 A (0-30V), Us,max = 220 V (0,27 A)
  • mounted on meter cover, top hat rail or meter cross
  • Relais status- and receiving quality check over LED


  • compact build in of the data device for mast mounting - FER99D
  • seperated radio receiver for mounting outside the mast - FER99F
  • 3 output relais with maual controling over shifting switches
  • capacity: 1 x 40 A; 230 V; cos phi =1, 2 x 20 A; 230 V; cos phi =1
  • cable luted against incoming dampness

Configuration Software

Our simply to use and clearly structured parameterisation software FERparam enables the user to create and to conduct own switching programms. It even gives out the device parameters and eventlists. The software can be run on different PC-systems. The PC can be connected over an USB or RS232 cable via optical cutting point on the device.