Smart MeterGateway

... smarter than wireless-netcontrol, energy management really does not work!

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Vortix LTE Serial Data Bridge

ISDN is going out, CSD expensive and outdated ...

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Welcome to Wireless Netcontrol!

We are a German Cleantech company. We are specialized in remote control and data-acquisition systems from sensors, meters and equipment controls.

Typical applications include:

  • Energy-Management Systems
  • Smart Metering
  • Streetlight Management & Control
  • Building Monitoring & Control
  • Public Services SCADA
  • Utilities & Industry SCADA
  • Traffic Management

Do you want to increase energy efficiency, decrease energy costs and save environmental resources? Implementing an Energy-Control or Energy-Management System will be a fundamental basis to accomplish your goals.

Required activities include:

  • Continuous monitoring and recording of key energy flows
  • Comparison of readings to key performance indicators (KPI)Analysis and controlling of
  • KPIsIdentification of compliance and improvement measuresTarget evaluation and
  • settingDocumentation in accordance to regulatory requirements

Wireless Netcontrol offers software and hardware solutions to conveniently support above mentioned tasks.

Besides Energy-Control Systems there is a wide range of applications in which our IT and communication systems for remote monitoring and control have been deployed successfully.

  • Light & Building: Meter readers for electricity/gas/oil/heat/water, HVAC-equipment, motion sensors, cameras, and lighting
  • Public Services: Water/Wastewater systems, garbage presses, container, silos, and weather stations
  • Utilities & Industry: Electricity/Gas/Oil/Heat-systems and -network, PLCs and sensors
  • Traffic Management: Management and control systems: traffic lights, public displays for parking and routing.
  • IT General: Cable replacement – e.g. for Ethernet, RS232, RS485 or USB.