Here you can find information about the documentation of our GM equipment. You can find information about GSM-reporting system / GSM-modem configuration and general information about GSM / IT-technololgy. This FAQ-area is at this moment under construction, but we are trying hard to built up this area. If you have any technical questions, which couldn't answered here, you can ask our support team at info@wireless-netcontrol.de

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number designation / description Download-Link
1 connection of a sensor with current output PDF-Icon73 KB
2 antenna connection of a HF-electric wire PDF-Icon124 KB
3 antenna connection of a HF-plug PDF-Icon458 KB
4 set up a DFÜ connection with Win7  PDF-Icon48 KB
5 LTE-Modem radio link PDF-Icon62 KB
6 activities during a bad radio link PDF-Icon82 KB
7 Modem or Router- What can or should I replace? PDF-Icon65 KB
8 build up a modem connection - between PC-user software and remote device PDF-Icon358 KB
9 change SMS in lenguare, FAX or E-Mail PDF-Icon243 KB
10 technical relay information - configuration and construction  PDF-Icon360 KB
11 shipping and reception of an SMS PDF-Icon182 KB
12 shipping and reception of an SMS in the PDU mode PDF-Icon65 KB

GSM reporting system GO series

number designation / description Download-Link
1 query the analog velues via SMS PDF-Icon192 KB
2 operating time of a GO head office with 2 GO modules at a 12 V battery pack PDF-Icon61,7 KB
3 permamently switching off a relay via SMS PDF-Icon150 KB
4 permanently turn on a relay via SMS PDF-Icon57 KB
5 heater on/off via SMS and status message PDF-Icon57 KB
6 combined event - example PDF-Icon145 KB
7 configuration of a GO Analog IN module at the example of a typical technical use case PDF-Icon57 KB
8 briefly turn on of a relay via SMS PDF-Icon58 KB
9 report a device status of a GO-module PDF-Icon57 KB
10 report of an incoming SMS about outgoing SMS PDF-Icon76 KB
11 report of a switching status at a digital input PDF-Icon57 KB
12 measurement accuracy PT1000 modules PDF-Icon777 KB
13 fault message via call, fax, email PDF-Icon366 KB
14 fault of inductive loads PDF-Icon61,4 KB
15 temperature measurement with GO PT-resistant sensors PDF-Icon96 KB
16 configure the text of SMS PDF-Icon78 KB


GSM reporting system Scout series

number designation / description Download-Link
1 operating time of a GSM Scout GPS at a 12V vehice-battery pack PDF-Icon211 KB
2 hour meter PDF-Icon192 KB
3 assembly instructions for a mounting clip PDF-Icon357 KB
4 signaling of the failure of the supply voltage PDF-Icon393 KB
5 listings in the Phonebook with Android-Smartphone PDF-Icon111 KB


number designation/ description Download-Link
1 set up avirtual COM-port for the LAN modem PDF-Icon466 KB
2 search the LAN-modem PDF-Icon229 KB

Vortix Realtime Bridge

number designation/ description Download-Link
1 configurationVortix Realtime Bridge LAN to RF169 MHz PDF-Icon1,4 MB
2 settings X-Port für LAN (also AutoConnect) PDF-Icon539 KB